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Robin will encourage you to develop a proven system to manage your money!

She feels we all have deep-seated feelings about money, based on our experiences in life.  Some people grew up seeing parents who saved money, others watched parents spend everything they made and lived their life being over extended and in debt.  No matter which type of parents you had, you do not have to continue the cycle.  You have a choice!

If you have debt, just know that your debt is manageable – it just takes discipline, planning and patience.  You must want to get out of debt before you WILL get out of debt!

Here are some suggestions if you are in debt:

Change your attitude about money and spending. 

Change the thought that you deserve it all-if you want out of debt you cannot possibly have everything you want-that thought alone keeps a lot of people in big trouble! 

Look for pleasure in doing things that do not involve spending money, such as cooking dinner with friends, staying home and playing a game or watching a movie.  Or, perhaps host a dinner party at home, asking each person to bring a dish to contribute!

Don’t get trapped into thinking that your wants are your needs!


If you would like some coaching and additional time to discuss your own personal money issues, don’t hesitate to contact Robin today!!!