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About Robin

 People buy YOU before they buy your product or your service

Growing up with parents who were entrepreneurs allowed Robin, early in her life, to see the potential, as well as the possibility, for an in-home business.  With her sights set on Law School upon college graduation, she went to work in Corporate America to save some money. Quickly becoming disillusioned and disappointed, Robin realized the corporate world she had witnessed would be incongruent with the way she wanted to live her life.  With that first-hand experience and knowledge behind her, she started and built her own multi-million-dollar business. 

Having her own business allowed her to learn from her mistakes while teaching others “tried and proven” methods for success.  One of the most important things she learned was integrity is the cornerstone of any successful business.  People buy you before they buy your product or your service!

Financial integrity is the cornerstone of any good business because it allows you to run your business from the needs of your customers and not your own personal needs!  

Robin Rowland Portraits - 017 Final